Copyleaks AI Content Detector Review: Does It Detect AI?


Copyleaks AI is a tool that finds out if a piece of writing was made by a AI.

Lately, we’ve seen many tools that use AI to write things like emails or blogs. Sometimes, it’s tough to know if a human or a machine wrote something.

Because of this, people worry about writings made by Artificial Intelligence. For example, Google doesn’t like them because they often don’t have new ideas. Simply, they don’t give readers or search engines anything special.

Some companies, seeing this problem, made tools to detect AI-made writings. These tools are pretty good at telling if a machine or a human wrote something.

We took a close look at the Copyleaks AI tool detection. We tested it with writings from both humans and Chat GPT.

How Does the Copyleaks AI Tool Work?

Copyleaks AI is like a detective that can tell if a AI or a human wrote something.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Type or paste your writing into the Copyleaks tool.
  • Click to scan.
  • Look at the score to see if it’s original or not.

But with so many good AI writings out there, can this tool really tell the difference? Let’s try it out and see!

Testing Time

We wanted to see how good Copyleaks AI is:

  • 10 articles from my blog (written by me).
  • 10 pieces written by an AI program named ChatGPT.

First, let’s see how it does with my articles.

Trying It with My Articles

We put parts of my blog writings into the Copyleaks tool. After each test, Netus AI noted if it guessed right or wrong.

The perfect result? The tool should know that a person (me) wrote all these articles.

Example 1

copy leaks

Example 2

copyleaks ai content detector

Example 3

copyleaks ai detector

Example 4

copyleak, is copyleaks accurate

Example 5

how to get around ai detector

Example 6

ai copy detector

Example 7

ai content detector by copyleaks

Example 8

copyleaks ai detection

Example 9

copyleaks review

Example 10

Bypass AI HideMyAI

Is the Copyleaks AI Tool Really Reliable?

Using just 10 writing samples to test isn’t a lot. For better accuracy, we would need to test way more samples.

From what we’ve seen, though, the AI detector does get things wrong sometimes. So, you can’t fully trust CopyLeaks AI every time you get a result.

However, not everyone needs a perfect tool. Some folks just want to use the AI detector to make their AI-written content look more like a person wrote it.

Testing AI-Written Articles

A lot of writers use tools like this to fix their AI generated writings so they seem more human-like.

That’s why we should really check how well CopyLeaks AI works with articles written by AI.

So, Netus AI tried the tool with 10 AI writings. Here’s what happened.

Example 1

is copyleaks safe

Example 2

ai content detector copyleaks

Example 3

ai content detector copyleaks

Example 4

Example 5

copyleaks reviews

Example 6

get rid of ai detection

Example 7

ai content detector - copyleaks

Example 8

copyleaks ai

Example 9

does quillbot detect ai writing

Example 10

is copyleaks legit

How Good is Copyleaks at Spotting ChatGPT Writings?

If you write with ChatGPT, there’s a half chance Copyleaks AI will catch it. But, we only tried 10 writings. For a better idea, we should test more.

But if it gets it wrong 5 times out of 10, it seems the tool isn’t super reliable.

Can We Avoid Copyleaks AI Detection?

Let’s have some fun! We’ll take a piece written by an AI, change it a little, and see if Copyleaks gets fooled. Let’s give it a try!

what is copyleaks

Test 1: What Happens If We Drop a Comma? ➡️ In short: The tool got tricked by just removing one comma.

Netus AI tried out some AI writing checkers before, and a small change can easily confuse them. For instance, make a tiny mistake or change one thing, and suddenly the checker thinks it’s human writing.

That’s not good. One little edit shouldn’t make such a big difference.

So, let’s see what happens if we lose the comma after “Additionally”:

the good ai review

Making a small change By just taking out that comma, the tool thought an AI’s content was written by a person.

Test 2: Let’s Try a Mistake ➡️ Quick summary: Skipping one letter made the tool see it differently.

What if we miss a single letter in the AI Generated text?

Just drop the “i” from the word “their”:

ai detection copyleaks

Oops, a typo! Guess what? The tool now thinks a person wrote it, not an AI.

Test 3: Changing Words with AI

In short: Using AI to change the writing made the detector mess up.

Let’s see what happens when we let an AI tool, Quillbot, change the AI’s writing. Quillbot does this fast, in just a couple of seconds.

leaks copy detection ai

Mixing up the words The changed text looks okay, but some parts really sound like a robot wrote them. You might even guess that without using a tool.

So, what happens when we check this new version with CopyLeaks AI? Let’s find out.

copy lead detection of ai content

What’s Good

  • It’s Free: Anyone can use CopyLeaks AI without paying. Plus, it’s easy to use.
  • Finds Human Writing: It’s pretty good at telling if a person wrote something, but not always right.

What’s Not Good

  • Misses AI Writing: It doesn’t catch AI writing well. In my test, it missed half.
  • Can Be Fooled: Change a letter, and it gets confused.

My Overall Take CopyLeaks AI isn’t great with newer AI writings, like ones from ChatGPT.

A lot of AI writing tools today use ChatGPT, and CopyLeaks misses them.

We’ve tried other checkers, and none are perfect. Some are right 90% of the time, but that’s not enough.

To wrap it up, maybe try a different tool, like, for better results.

Copyleaks AI Content Detection: A Simple Review

Ever noticed how more writers are using tools like ChatGPT to write content? These tools make writing easy, but the big question is, does AI-created content really stand out in the vast online world? Google’s recent update from August 2022 suggests it might not. This update says that Google prefers content made for people, not just for search engines. So, if you want a good ranking on Google, you need genuine, helpful content.

While AI tools can create a lot of content quickly, they often use existing information and lack a unique human touch. So, how can you be sure your website has genuine human-written content that Google likes? This is where Copyleaks can help. It uses special ai content detector copyleaks tools to spot AI-written content on your website.

In this article, we’ll take a simple look at Copyleaks. We’ll see how it works, what’s good and bad about it, check is copyleaks legit, and compare it with other tools out there.

is copyleaks expensive

Copyleaks AI Content Detection: Quick Overview


  • Easy-to-Use Checker: Copyleaks has a simple system. Just put your text in, hit “check”, and you’ll quickly see if it’s AI-written.
  • Browser Tool: They have a tool for browsers. It lets you see if a webpage has AI-written content without copying and pasting.
  • Works with Your Website or School System: You can connect Copyleaks to your own site or school platform.
  • Plagiarism Check: Apart from checking for AI content, Copyleaks also checks if something’s copied from somewhere else. But, you can’t do both checks at the same time.
  • Smart AI Detection: Using its own AI, Copyleaks can spot AI-made content, claiming it’s right about 99.12% of the time.

Good Points

  • Works in many ways
  • Checks for AI content for free
  • Shows parts of the text that might be made by AI

Not-so-Good Points

  • Doesn’t always give the same result for the same content

Testing How Good Copyleaks Is

Now, let’s see how well Copyleaks works in real life. We’ll also compare it to another tool called to see which one’s better.

whats best to use with copyleaks

AI Content Detection: vs Copyleaks – The Simple Breakdown

The Test We used seven texts from Jasper, a known AI writer. Our goal? See how well and Copyleaks could figure out it was AI work.

review of copyleaks

Both tools give a % score. The higher the score, the more sure they are that the text is from an AI.

What We Found was pretty confident (90% sure) for five of the seven texts being AI-written. They only missed once.

Copyleaks? They were only 100% sure about one text. For three of them, they almost thought people wrote them.

After comparing, seems better at spotting AI content.

Copyleaks in a Nutshell After testing, here’s what we think:

Good Points of Copyleaks

  • Easy to use
  • Quick checks
  • Fast results

Final Thoughts Copyleaks is mostly for catching AI content. They’re new to the AI-detection game and are still getting better. For a quick, no-cost check, Copyleaks is okay. But if you need something really reliable, maybe try If youre looking for other AI detectors that are similar or even better than Copyleaks, check out our other article about AI Detectors.

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Through digital leadership we empower people to leverage the opportunities in global economy