Originality.ai Review: A Very Strict AI Detector Tool

If you write or make content, Originality.AI is like a helpful friend that checks if your work is unique or if it has some AI help. It uses the latest computer tech from OpenAI to do this. When you create or read something, it’s good to know if it’s real and original. If you pay writers to make content, you want to be sure they write real stuff, not just computer-generated words.

It’s true, some content made by AI can be good. But sometimes you might want to know where a piece really comes from. Tools like Originality can give you a hint. I usually don’t worry about AI tools unless they say a piece is all made by AI. These tools can also tell if someone just copied from a chatbot. Just remember, always think twice about what these tools tell you.

What is Originality.ai AI Detection?

Lately, with more AI around, I looked for tools that can tell if writing was done by a computer. I hired writers from places like Upwork for some projects and wanted to check if their work was real and not copied. Before, I had two tools: Copyscape (to see if something was copied) and GLTR (to check for AI writing). But using both took too long. Then I found Originality, which does both jobs in one.

Think of Originality as a helper. It checks if something’s copied from the web and if it might be written by AI. The cool thing? It works with GPT-4, a super-smart AI thing from OpenAI.

On April 10th, 2023, Originality got even better. Now it can:

  • Catch 99% of GPT-4 AI writing
  • Spot 83% of ChatGPT stuff (which uses GPT-4)
  • Notice 95% of writing that AI made and then was changed a little (like with QuillBot)

There’s a picture with all the info about how good Originality is, based on a study. Some main points:

  • It’s really good at catching Chat GPT writing.
  • It knows some GPT-4 stuff.
  • It can even see when writing has been changed a bit. So, tools that swap words, like QuillBot, can’t trick it.
  • It knows human writing better now, so it doesn’t get confused as often.
originality ai false positive

Why is Originality Handy?

Originality helps you see if something is copied or made by a computer. It also keeps you safe from legal troubles by finding stuff that might be taken from others. Some smart tools, like Undetectable AI, can fool checkers like Originality by changing words. But when you use Originality, it shows you a number that tells if the writing seems computer-made. If it spots copying, it gives you a link to see where it’s from.

Who Should Try Originality AI?

A lot of people might find Originality useful. Here’s who:

Bloggers – Bloggers want to share unique stories. So, it’s good to use Originality to check if what they post, or get from other writers, isn’t just computer talk.

Teachers – Teachers want students to do their own homework. With so much on the internet, some might copy or use computer help. Originality lets teachers check student papers quickly to make sure it’s their real work. It’s not fair if some students cheat while others do the hard work.

Who Should Use Originality.ai?

Students – Students need to do their own work. With so much online, it’s easy to copy by mistake. Originality helps students make sure their work is their own before they hand it in.

Journalists/Editors – If you edit stories, Originality checks them quickly, saving time.

Web Designers & Publishers – Sites like Google want unique content. Use Originality to make sure your website isn’t using computer-made words.

Website Flippers – If you buy and sell websites, Originality is a great tool. Soon, they’ll let you check a whole website at once to make sure the content is real and not copied.

How Accurate is Originality AI detection?

From our point of view, NOT that accurate as long as you use Netus AI. Each bypasser after v30 can pass AI detector on Originality AI. We‘ve proved it time and time again, each time without failure.

Is Originality Reliable?

I tested Originality on 20 articles. It did a great job spotting GPT-4, GPT-3, and GPT-3.5 writing, getting it right most of the time. But with ChatGPT stuff, it was right 90% of the time.

But remember, this tool is just guessing. It’s not always perfect. If you’re checking a writer’s work, it’s better to look at many articles, not just one.

Sometimes Originality mistakes human work for computer work. But it’s usually good at catching computer-made writing. When I tried it on different writings, I noticed…

originality ai vs turnitin

ChatGPT writing? AI Detectors Will Always Catch it!

is originality ai accurate

I used Originality AI on a paragraph about Gravity from ChatGPT and it was 96% sure it was made by AI. I also checked student writing and most of it was 90% original. This makes sense because school essays are usually very detailed.

is originality ai reliable

Main Features

Originality makes things simple. It uses the latest tech to check if writing is made by an AI. So, instead of using many sites, just use Originality.

Spotting AI and Copied Writing It’s great at finding AI-written text. For example, it can catch GPT-3 writings 99.95% of the time. And it doesn’t just give a score. It shows which lines might be from an AI.

For a clearer picture:

Lines possibly written by AI are highlighted in red, while the ones likely written by people are in green.

reliable originality ai

It also finds copied text. If something looks copied, it turns pink. For example, it spotted words from this review! It seems like it’s always searching the internet to find matches.

ai orginality ai detector

Simple Content Checker

Originality has a new tool that shows how easy your content is to read. It’s free to use and great for checking your writing’s complexity.

It colors words by how long they are. If words are in red, they might be too hard. The tool also shows a grade level for your writing. My example was for 12th graders. To make it easier for most people, I’d need to use simpler words to match a 7-10th grade reading level.

ai content detector originality ai

Check Writing Quickly with Chrome

Originality has a Chrome extension that lets you see if website content is copied or made by AI. It lets you:

  • Quickly check writing in Google Docs.
  • Watch writers type in real-time.
  • See who wrote an article.
  • Check how and when writing was added.
  • See a writing graph over time.

In Google Docs, it shows:

  • If content is copied from AI or other sources.
  • If multiple people wrote the article.

This is great if you handle lots of writing. If you’re a writer, this tool can prove you really wrote your work.

Marketing Agencies: Now you can be certain your articles are written by humans. No more worries about clients suspecting AI use.

Web Publishers: Publish with peace of mind. Use this tool to ensure your content looks authentic and not made by AI.

originality.ai review
originality.ai reviews

Originality lets you check an entire website for AI-created content. I used it on our blog and got a summary for each page. It costs a bit, but it’s worth it. I’d do this check yearly. It’d be awesome if they add a feature to spot copied content.

review originality.ai

You can add people to the site and see their work. This is good for companies and schools. Everyone can view their results and activities.

is originality ai expensive

Good Points:

  • Super user-friendly.
  • Won’t hurt your wallet.
  • It’s unique because it checks GPT3.5.
  • Comes with a Chrome add-on.

Bad Points:

  • Only for English texts.
  • Just gives you a percentage, no deep info.
  • You can’t test it for free.
  • Misses some tricky AI tools like Netus.ai.

Cost: You pay a penny to check 100 words. Buy more when you run out, no monthly fees. Checking for both copied and AI writings costs double. Buying options:

  • $20 for 2,000 checks.
  • $50 for 5,000 checks.
  • And so on.

Things They Can Do Better: This tool is still new since it was released last November. Here’s what they could improve:

  • Design & Ease of Use: The layout can be better. It took me some time to figure out how to use it.
  • Only for English: Right now, you can only check English content. If you need other languages, you’ll have to wait.

But overall, it’s a good tool for being so new. If you know coding, they offer an API.

Originality.ai FAQ:

  1. Can you try Originality for free?

Kind of. If you add their Chrome extension, you get 10 free checks. But there’s no free trial on their main website.

  1. What AI writings can Originality spot?

It can find writings from many AI models like GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4, and others.

  1. Is there a minimum word count to check writings?

Yes. You need 50 words for AI checks. For the Chrome tool, it’s 100 words.

  1. Can Originality make AI writings look like human writings?

No. They only check for copies and AI writings. They don’t help in making AI writings look human.

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Through digital leadership we empower people to leverage the opportunities in global economy