Creator Program

Create content for Netus AI & earn 3K credits per video!

Be sure to tag us and use #netusai. We accept content from TikTok & YouTube.

You can also use TikTok stitch method. Stitch is a creation tool that allows you to combine another video on TikTok with one you’re creating. If you allow another person to Stitch with your video, they can use a part of your video as a part of their own video.

1. We’ll send you 3,000 credits for every 1,000 views

2. Email "Influencer payout"

3. Verify that the video was posted by your account.

4. Get that credits

Netus AI Coin


FAQ / Details

The video must directly reference and tag the account and be related to education/ChatGPT/AI. We hold the discretion to decide whether a video was well-purposed or not (under reasonable judgment).

We measure the content performance within 10 days of upload. You will receive credits based on content views within the 10 day window. Credits will be processed within 21 days of the 10 day window ending.

Through digital leadership we empower people to leverage the opportunities in global economy

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Through digital leadership we empower people to leverage the opportunities in global economy

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