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AI is changing how we make online content. With more tools available, creating content quickly using AI is now easier. But, the best AI detection remover tools can find out if content was made by GPT-4, a common AI writing system.

Here’s something to think about: If you use AI to write, why do you need tools to detect it? Should you be careful? And, can Google tell if content is made by AI?

Here’s the thing: If you use AI-written content to try and improve your website’s ranking on Google, you’re breaking rules set by Google.

In the past, it was hard to tell if content was made by AI. But now, there are many tools that can do this. If these tools can, Google probably can too.

Also, some companies have made AI tools that produce content that’s hard to spot as being made by AI.

In this article, I’m showing you the top tools to check if content was made by AI. This is helpful for website owners and teachers. This way, you can make sure your website’s content won’t cause problems on search engines.

Netus AI paraphrasing tool and AI Detector To be 100% Undetectable ai detector

What is Netus AI?

Netus AI is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps businesses, students, content writers and etc., to work faster and better. It takes care of the boring copywriting and paraphrasing, and creates detection free undetectable AI content.  This tool is useful for every types of niche, with 50 versions of the bypasser you’ll surely find what works for you! 

Netus AI Free AI Detector to Stay Under The Radar

Netus AI has developed a cutting-edge detection model to identify AI-generated content patterns. Our AI detector recognizes unique AI text patterns, ensuring an additional layer of accuracy. The Netus AI Detector has a 99% accuracy rate, and can identify whether a text is written by a human or AI, of course this includes detecting ChatGPT and GPT4. It’s crucial to understand that AI-generated content can impact search engine results, academic assessments, and how readers interpret the content. Our Pro version offers a unique feature that makes AI text undetectable! We provide a free version of our detector, which analyzes an unlimited amount of characters, allowing users to make necessary adjustments before submitting of pushing their text. Since its creation, our AI Detection tool has been used by thousands of bloggers and academics aiming to detect AI-generated content.

With the increased usage of advanced AI models like GPT-4, it’s becoming a real challenge to detect AI content. That’s where Netus AI Detector steps in. Our goal is to help users detect whether content is written by a human or by artificial intelligence. To do this, our tool uses machine learning system similar to the ones behind ??Turnitin??. Instead of producing text, it calculates the patterns of each words that AI usually generates. You’ll get results for the entire text and a breakdown for individual sentences and sections, each colour red, yellow and green reprisents how likely the text is AI generated.

Features of Netus AI

1. Undetectable AI Content Paraphraser

Netus AI harnesses the power of machine learning to paraphrase content, to be undetectable by AI detectors, changing the tone and style of the content but maintaining the same idea of the article when paraphrased.

2. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

With its advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities, Netus AI can comprehend and translate human language, making the interaction between man and machine more intuitive.

3. AI Bypasser 

Netus AI has 50 versions of the AI bypasser, meaning that there it is suitable for a lot of niches and subjects. Each version has a unique tone and style of writing, all that you have to do is find what works for you content.

4. AI Detector

Netus AI has a free AI detector for everyone to use, it compares your content sentence by sentence to determine if there are any AI generated patterns. 


  • Free – Up to 500 words ($0/mo)
  • Starter – Up to 100k words ($19/mo)
  • Premium – Up to 300k words ($39/mo)
  • Premium+ – Up to 1 million words ($99/mo)

Winston AI – A Great AI Content Detector

Great for Checking AI Writing

Winston AI is easy on the pocket and does two things: checks if writing is by AI and looks for copied stuff. It’s good for people who write, teachers, and those who have websites.

The cool thing? You can upload different file types like DOCX, PDF, pictures, and more. It uses special tech to read words from your files and images to see if they’re original.

For now, it’s for English and French content.

Why Winston AI is a Great Tool for Checking AI Writing

  1. Price: You can use it for free and check 2,000 words every month. Want to check more? Just pay $14 a month for 80,000 words.
  2. Spotting AI Writing: Winston colors words to show if they might be from AI by checking how common they are.
  3. Easy to Understand Score: Winston gives you a score to show if your writing is easy or hard to read.
  4. Many File Types: You can use files like DOCX, PDF, and pictures.
  5. Checks Pictures & PDFs: Even if it’s a picture or has handwriting, Winston checks if it’s copied or from AI.
  6. Need Help?: They answer questions through email and chat, whether you’re paying or using the free version.

How Much Winston AI Costs

  1. Free Plan: You can check 2,000 words each month for free.
  2. Growth Plan ($14 every month): You can look at up to 80,000 words in a month.
  3. Custom Plan: Good for big teams. You also get someone to help you out with your account.

The cool part? Every plan, even the free one, gives you access to all their features. Plus, you can try it out for a week, and during that trial, you get to check 3,500 words for free.

Using Undetectable AI to Make Your Writing Sound Human

Undetectable AI: A Tool to Check and Fix AI Writing This tool checks if your writing sounds like a robot made it. And if it does, it helps you make it sound more like a person wrote it.

How? It gives you a score that tells you if big checker tools (like OpenAI or Copyleaks) might think your content is AI-written.

If your writing sounds robotic, just click “Humanize”! You can pick styles like college, high school, or marketing.

Cool, right? Plus, you can tweak it so the fixed writing matches your brand’s feel.

Why Undetectable AI Stands Out


  1. Sound Human: Changes computer-style writing to sound more like a person.
  2. Many Checkers: It works with lots of free content checkers.
  3. Adjust Reading Level: You can set how easy or hard your content is to read.
  4. Choose Your Readers: Are you writing for a marketing ad, a story, or a report? You decide.
  5. Link It Up: You can connect Undetectable AI to other things you use with its API.

Cost: Checking for robot-sounding writing is free. If you want to change it to sound more human, there’s a price:

  • For 10k words: $9.99 every month.
  • For 20k words: $10 every month (a tiny discount!)
  • For 35k words: $31 every month (a bit more off!)
  • And for a big 380k words: It’s $209 every month (this one gives you a big 45% discount!)
  1. AI: Checking for Real and Copied Content

Originality AI The Strictest Ai Detector Out There

It’s a tool for people who put content online. It can spot if content is written by known AI tools like GPT-3 or ChatGPT. They say they’re the best at this. From our tests, they’re really good, but Winston AI is also close.

The cool part? They can also check if content is copied from somewhere else. And it’s cheap – just a penny for every 100 words you check.

Another bonus: If you’re thinking of buying a website, you can use this tool to see how much of the site’s content is written by humans or AI. If there’s too much AI writing, you might not want to buy it.

Why Originality.AI is Great for Checking Content

What it does:

  1. AI Check: It can tell if something was written by AI and scores it from 0% to 100% based on uniqueness.
  2. Copy Check: Before putting your blog up, you can see if bits of it look like other stuff online.
  3. ChatGPT Alert: This is a new AI writer. Originality.AI can catch if something’s written by it.
  4. Use as Much as You Want: Bring in all your friends and check lots of websites.
  5. Connect it: You can hook up with other things you use.

Cost? It’s easy. One penny ($0.01) for every 100 words you want to check. Just put in your card, add some money, and go. Perfectly Checks Student Work for AI Writing

What’s It’s a tool for teachers to see if students’ work was written by them or an AI.

Special Features? It doesn’t just check for AI writing. It also looks at how a document changed over time.

Why’s it different? It’s updated with the latest AI styles, so it’s good at spotting if a machine did the writing.

How to use? Teachers can link it with Google Docs they’re checking. There’s also a Chrome tool that shows the odds a doc was AI-made. And, teachers can track a student’s edits.

Quick Summary: Passed AI helps teachers be sure students are doing their own writing. Detector is Made for Teachers

What’s Cool About

  • GPT Knowledge: It knows the tricks of new GPT models.
  • Spotting ChatGPT: It can catch ChatGPT text 94% of the time.
  • Rewatch Writing: Teachers can see how a student’s paper was written.
  • Checking Docs: It spots copied parts and checks for AI and copied content.
  • Friendly with Google: It works well with Google Docs.


  • Regular Plan ($9.99/month): You get lots of scans and 200 free credits each month. You can buy more credits if you want. One credit (just 10 cents) checks 200 words and they last forever.
  • Plan for Schools: Schools get a special deal.

Wanna Try? They have a 14-day free trial.

Content at Scale The Most Expensive AI Detector

  • Free Check: This tool lets you see if about 500 words were written by a computer, and it’s free.
  • Sneaky: It can trick other tools that try to spot AI writing.
  • Fast Blogs: Just give it a keyword and it quickly gives you a long blog article. Good for getting noticed on search engines.
  • Stay Safe: Even if Google starts looking for AI-written stuff, this tool keeps you safe.
  • Quick Tip: It’s best to add your own touch to the writing, not just use what the AI gives you.

About Content at Scale: Quick Points and Costs

What It Does:

  • Find AI Writing: You can use it for free to see if something was written by AI.
  • Makes Long Articles: It can quickly make long blog posts that sound like a person wrote them.
  • Good for SEO: It can help make your writing better for search engines. Plus, it suggests the right words to use.
  • SEO Checklist: It has a list to help set up your writing for search engines.


  • Checking for AI: It’s free.
  • Creating Articles: They charge different prices. Check their website to see.

INK Suite AI Content Shield: A Quick Look

INK Suite has many tools to help with writing. It can:

You can try all the tools for 5 days for free.

The best part? It can see if writing was copied or made by AI. I tried it with a short piece. At first, it said all of it was AI-written. But after I made some changes, it only said a tiny bit looked like AI did it.

INK Suite Tools:

  1. Check AI Content: INK looks at text to see if AI wrote it.
  2. Writing Helper: INK has tools to help you write and make sure it’s not copied. It also suggests keywords.
  3. SEO Writing: Write articles good for search engines with AI.
  4. Make Pictures: Turn words into pictures.
  5. Unlimited Writing: Write as much as you want with AI.


  1. Professional ($39/month): Use all tools with no limits.
  2. Enterprise ($99/month): For big teams. Extra features included.
  3. You can try it for 5 days for free.

SciSpace AI Detector

This is a tool that checks if a document has parts written by AI. It’s super good at spotting AI-written stuff in school papers and other writings, with a 98% success rate. It can spot writings by many AI systems, like GPT-4 and ChatGPT. When it finds AI-written parts, it shows you where they are. You can then edit these parts. It’s great for students and professionals to make sure their work is original.

Cool Things It Does:

  1. Finds AI Writing: It can tell if stuff like ChatGPT or Jasper AI wrote parts of your document.
  2. Detailed Reports: Shows you the exact parts that might be written by AI.
  3. Works on Many Texts: Useful for schoolwork and other writings.
  4. Super Accurate: It’s right about 98% of the time.
  5. Checks PDFs: You can upload PDFs, and it’ll check them.

Cost: It’s free to use right now!

Writer AI A Simple Content Detector is a tool that helps make stuff for websites, social media, and more. It can even make blog drafts and fix sentences. There’s a free checker in it that tells if something sounds like a robot wrote it.

Main Things it Does:

  • AI Checker: It’s free and checks if text sounds like it’s from a robot. But it can only check 350 words.
  • Blog Helper: Give it a topic, and it’ll give you a title, a plan, and a draft.
  • Quick Content Templates: Make things like posts, ads, and emails fast.
  • Grammar Help: It finds and fixes mistakes.
  • No Copying Tool: Makes sure you didn’t copy from elsewhere.
  • Works with Other Tools: Use Writer with things like Google Docs and Word.

Cost: Checking for robot-like content is free. If you want all the fancy writing stuff, it costs $18 a month for teams.

Hugging Face – A Popular AI Detector Among Students

Detecting AI Writing: Can We Truly Trust Any Tool?

Some tools try to figure out if writing is from AI, but they’re not always right. If there are mistakes in the AI writing, tools might think a human did it. The cool thing is, “Netus AI” can create AI writing that other tools can’t spot. That’s great for people who market online. These tools are good to start with, even if they aren’t perfect. They help make sure your website stuff is real.

are ai detectors reliable

Does Google Know When Content is Made by AI?

Are you wondering if Google can tell when content is made by AI? It’s still a bit unclear.

But John Mueller from Google said they don’t like content made just by AI. If their team finds it, they might mark it as spam, so it won’t show up in search results.

If you have a website, be careful! In the future, Google might be even better at spotting AI-created content.

So, if you use AI to help you write, make sure you also add your personal touch. Remember, people like reading genuine and helpful stuff online. Google also made changes in 2022 to prioritize quality content over just trying to rank high in search results.

Many online marketers use tools like Jasper AI and Copy AI for writing. But, these tools are just helpers. Don’t use what they produce without changes, or Google might see it as spam. Websites that rely heavily on AI for articles could have issues later.

Always be safe by using good AI content checkers, not all of them are that accurate.

ai tools for paraphrasing

Through digital leadership we empower people to leverage the opportunities in global economy

Through digital leadership we empower people to leverage the opportunities in global economy