QuillBot Review: Is It Still As Good As Before?

Dream of outperforming a rival on Google without plagiarising their content? QuillBot may be one of you many solutions. QuillBot appears as a potential lifesaver if you’re on the hunt to retain content excellence while cutting down writing time. Its sophisticated tech promises quality content, freeing you from prolonged drafting sessions.

While it’s a favorite among content creators, screenwriters, students, and writers from various domains can find it equally valuable. Consider QuillBot your content refresher, offering a new twist to old articles.

Whats is QuillBot?

quillbor paraphrazer

QuillBot is an all-in-one AI writing assistant, blending several editing tools to produce vivid and concise text.

Established in 2017 with the confidence of over 50 million global aficionados, QuillBot’s rephrasing feature employs top-notch AI. This aids countless users in revamping and enhancing sentences, paragraphs, or comprehensive articles.

Its standout feature, the Paraphraser, has a  knack to rework text diversely. Moreover, QuillBot doesn’t just reshape your content; it meticulously checks for grammatical mistakes and possible content plagiarism. Adding to its arsenal are tools like a Summarizer and a Citation Builder.

Quillbot also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs.

Does Quillbot Avoid AI Detectors?

quillbpt grammar checker

Sure, Quillbot is great at paraphrasing content, but its not AI based like it says it is, it is still based on a dictionary, so it paraphrases on words and not sentences. Its the same as using a thesaurus to paraphrase your article, assignments or what ever may have you. This is the exact reason why Netus AI was developed it is truly AI based, it isn‘t a word spinner, it rephrase to avoid ai detection but maintains the meaning the same of the paragraph. 

QuillBot‘s Main Features

quilbo paraphrasing tool
QuillBot has an easy-to-use design. All important tools are right there, so you don’t have to search around.

AI Paraphraser

This is the favorite tool for many users. What it does is simple: it changes sentences to look different but mean the same thing. QuillBot has seven ways to do this:
  1. Standard: Most people use this. It changes words to keep the original idea.
  2. Fluency: It fixes any grammar issues and keeps the text sounding natural.
  3. Formal: Great for official work, like school essays or office reports.
  4. Simple: Makes your text easy to read.
  5. Creative: Changes the text a lot. It might even change what you meant a bit.
  6. Expand: Adds more words if you need a longer text.
  7. Shorten: Cuts down words if you need a shorter text.
Only the first two are free. For all the rest, you need to pay. There’s also a slider to tell QuillBot how much you want to change the text. Slide it left for fewer changes and right for more. It’s a handy tool to have. Using the Paraphraser To reword your text, paste it in the box on the left and press the Rephrase button. Depending on your QuillBot setting, you’ll see the changed text on the right. Default Setting in QuillBot When you first use QuillBot, it’s set to a basic mode. This changes your words but keeps the main idea. You can see this in the pictures given. Want more changes? Slide the Synonyms bar. Look at some examples using the Standard mode at different settings to see the range of changes. In the text, orange words are like the original words but a bit different. Blue words are exactly the same as before. For instance, in one version, “comparative anatomy” stayed the same, but in others, it didn’t. The more we change words to similar ones, the farther we might get from the original message.

Different Ways QuillBot Changes Text

  1. Fluency Mode: Makes your writing sound smooth and error-free. Doesn’t change much.
  2. Formal Mode: Makes your text sound official. Good for school or office work.
  3. Simple Mode: Makes your text easy for everyone to understand. Great for blog posts or ads.
  4. Creative Mode: Changes your text a lot for a fresh look. Always double-check this one!

QuillBot’s Text Size Modes

  1. Expand Mode: Adds words to make your text longer. Good if you need more words.
  2. Shorten Mode: Cuts out extra words but keeps the main idea.
With most modes, you can slide the Synonyms bar to control changes, but not in Simple mode. Slide to your liking! Grammar Tool This tool helps you fix mistakes in your writing. It corrects spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. With one click, you can fix all mistakes. Plus, you can save your work as a Word file. And it’s free! Originality Check QuillBot has a tool to check if your work is original. But, it’s only for people who pay. It can check 20 pages each month in many languages. If you need more, you can buy extra checks. You can type in or upload your work to check it. If something in your writing is found somewhere else, the tool will tell you. If you use QuillBot correctly, you won’t have issues with copied work.

Writing Buddy

The “Co-Writer” feature in Quillbot is like having a friend to help you write. It offers suggestions, helps you search online, and lets you take notes all in one place. Quick Summaries If you have a long text, Quillbot’s “Summarizer” can make it short and to the point. It quickly finds the key details, so you get the main idea without all the extras.

How to Summarize and Cite with QuillBot

Summarizing: QuillBot has two ways: a. Key Sentences: Picks the main points and lists them. Paragraph: Turns your content into a short summary. Citing Sources: With QuillBot’s tool, just enter a link or book title. It will get the details and make a citation for you in different styles. If there are missing details, you can add them.

There’s a Free and a Premium option.

Free Version:
  • Rewrite a bit of text.
  • Summarize longer texts.
  • A few rewriting styles.
  • A few synonym choices.
  • Rewrite a couple of sentences at once.
  • Protect one word from changes.
  • Use in Chrome and Google Docs.
  • Comes with grammar and citing tools.

QuillBot’s Premium Plan in Simple Words

Is the Premium Plan Good? The free version is okay for many people. But if you write often or if English isn’t your main language, Premium can help a lot. Cost of Premium:
    • $9.95 per month.
    • $6.66 per month (pay every 6 months).
    • $4.17 per month (pay once a year). This is the cheapest option.

What You Get with Premium:
  • All ways to rewrite text.
  • No limit on how much you can rewrite.
  • More word choices.
  • Rewrite more at once.
  • Summarize bigger texts.
  • Choose words that don’t change.
  • Use it everywhere.
  • Check if your work is original.
  • Get help writing.
  • See all rewriting styles together.

QuillBot Help

  • QuillBot is run by teams in Chicago, USA, and Jaipur, India.
  • If you need help, you can message them on their website. They also have a help center with lots of guides.
  • For students, they offer a free course on how to write better for school.
  • They also have articles and videos that explain how to use QuillBot.

Is QuillBot Any Good?

quilbott summarizing tool
Good Things:
  • The basic version is free, and you don’t need a credit card.
  • It offers free grammar checks and helps to create citations.
  • You can upload or download documents easily.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s a one-stop-shop for writing needs.
  • The paid version is good value for money.
  • You can tweak how the AI works.

Bad Things:
  • You can only check 20 pages a month for copied content.
  • There’s still a word cap for summaries, but 6000 words is quite a lot.
  • It mainly focuses on English, with a few varieties (US, UK, Australia). It won’t output in other languages.

Concluding Thoughts

QuillBot is great for rewriting text. It boosts your work rate and keeps your message clear. If you need a top-notch rewriting tool, QuillBot is the one. It’s got loads of features to improve your writing. Whether it’s a short piece or a long article, QuillBot ensures top quality. It’s worth your time and money if you’re looking to make unique content easily.

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Through digital leadership we empower people to leverage the opportunities in global economy

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