Content at Scale Review: How Good Are it Products?

In our world today, it seems like new computer writing tools are making writing by hand old-fashioned. When you scroll through Facebook groups, you’ll see people saying they wrote whole blog posts using only computer tools. Does this mean we’re getting lazy and don’t want to think hard? This way of doing things has some issues. Tools like can tell if a person or a computer wrote an article. And if this tool can tell the difference, Google can too. This is where Content at Scale becomes really useful. It doesn’t just write full articles with computer tools; it also makes sure they seem like they were written by a person. Plus, it helps the article show up higher in search engine results. The ability to help with search results is what makes this tool really stand out. If you’re interested in making the most out of this tool, check out my Content at Scale tutorial.

What is Content at Scale AI?

how to check if something was written by ai

In this review, I’m going to talk about everything you need to know about Content at Scale and show you what it can really do with some examples.

Content at Scale is a special computer writing tool that is different from others because it helps you write blog posts that can show up high on Google search results and won’t get caught as computer-generated. Think of it as a mix of two helpful tools, Anyword and Surfer SEO.

This tool can make long articles quickly, with an average length of over 2,660 words per article. It also gives suggestions to help your posts show up higher in search results.

The writing this tool creates looks like it was written by a human, so it doesn’t get caught by systems that look for computer-generated content. Using computer-generated writing to trick the search results is not allowed by Google, so having Content at Scale is important to keep your website safe. For more details, you can watch the video below:


Content at Scale also checks your computer-generated writing and helps you make sure your content is original and not copied, with the help of Copyscape. If you think checking your posts for copied content is a hassle, remember that, nowadays, to have the most unique content, we also need to use tools that detect computer-generated content.

Who Can Use Content at Scale?

Content at Scale is more than just another tool that writes for you. It’s smart and understands how to make your blog posts easy for search engines like Google to find. This makes your blog more visible online. Who should use it?
    • Businesses with a plan for content marketing.
    • Marketing agencies with lots of clients.
    • Website owners who need good articles quickly for many sites.
    • Content marketers who want to make a lot of content without hiring expensive writers.

What You Can Do With Content at Scale’s Editor

If you’re a writer who knows a lot about AI, Content at Scale lets you write much more than before—and the quality stays great. It’s perfect whether you’re a big marketing agency or a small startup with big dreams.

How Does Content at Scale Work

Content at Scale is more than just a simple tool; it’s really smart. It uses three different types of AI to make your articles really good and hard to tell they’re written by a machine.

Easy Steps to Use Content at Scale

Content at scale
  • Start a Project: First, you give your project a name and decide things like which website it’s for, who you’re writing to, and how long the articles should be. You also tell the AI what your main goal is and how many articles you want each month.
  • Choose Keywords: Pick the main words you want to focus on in your articles. You can even upload a list of words all at once.
  • Write Articles: On your dashboard, you’ll see the words you picked. Choose the ones you want and click a button to start writing. It takes a few minutes, but it’s worth it because the articles are really good and they’ll pass through best AI content detectors.
  • Edit Articles: Once the articles are ready, you can make them even better. The tool even suggests a title, description, and web address for you, but you can change these if you like.
  • Save and Use: When you’re happy with what you’ve got, you can send it directly to your WordPress site. Or, you can copy the article in a way that keeps all the headings and formatting, so it’s easy to use elsewhere.

What Makes Content at Scale Great

Here’s a quick look at why Content at Scale is awesome:
  • Good for Google: This tool helps you make articles that Google will like. It uses a keyword you pick to make sure your articles show up in searches.
  • Long Posts: You can write really long articles, with an average of over 2,600 words each.
  • Helpful Checklist: The tool gives you a list of things to check to make sure your article is set up right for SEO. This includes adding links and checking how many times you used your keyword.
  • Easy to Use: The tool is super simple, so you’ll find it easy to write your articles.
  • No Copying: It has a built-in way to check that your article is original.
  • Smart but Stealthy: This is the only tool that can write articles so well, they can’t be spotted by machines designed to catch AI writing.
  • Works with WordPress: If you use WordPress, you can publish your articles directly from this tool.
  • Team Friendly: You can invite your team to work on projects together.
  • Make It Yours: You can set it up so the tool appears as part of your own website.
  • Always Help Available: If you need help, you can easily reach out to their customer support.

How Content at Scale Deals with Copying and Being Caught by AI

Most tools that write articles for you can make mistakes and copy other content. Fixing that takes time away from doing other important stuff. But with Content at Scale, you don’t have to worry. It makes sure the articles are original and won’t get spotted by smart systems like Google that can tell if a machine wrote it. You should know that Google is getting better at finding articles written by machines. If that happens, your articles might not show up high in search results. Content at Scale is a good way to avoid that problem. In this review, I’ll also check how original the articles from Content at Scale really are.

Testing Content at Scale for Copying

As an example, I used tools like Copyscape, Grammarly, and to see if a long article from Content at Scale was copied from somewhere else.

Handling Copying and AI Scores: What You Need to Know

Getting a 0% plagiarism score on Grammarly for a long article is hard. Sometimes, Grammarly even says my own writing is copied, which is weird! With so many articles out there, sometimes things look similar by accident.

Checking for AI Writing with Content at Scale

Google says we shouldn’t use AI to write articles. If you do, you might find your website ranking lower in search results soon. Google is planning to get better at spotting AI writing. If you use AI tools, you should check if the articles look like a person wrote them.
  • Good news: Content at Scale’s test article passed as 100% written by a person.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Scores

  • Originality AI gave a score of 83% for original writing and 17% for AI writing.
Is this a big deal? Probably not. One of my first blogs, which I wrote myself, now gets a 17% AI score. So, does that make me as smart as a computer, or not? The main thing is to have a much higher “Original” score than “AI” score. Then you’re good to go.

What Does Content at Scale Cost?

Content at Scale is still being tested, so prices might go up soon. But here’s what it costs now:
scale ai review

Different Plans

  • Starter ($500/month): Make 20 articles at $25 each. It helps make your articles good for Google, works in lots of languages, and checks if the content is original for free.
  • Scaling ($1,000/month): Make 50 articles at $20 each. You can add your team to the account and automatically put articles on WordPress.
  • Agency ($1,500/month): Make 100 articles at $15 each. You can also make the software look like it’s yours and get detailed reports.

Cheaper Options

  • 4 Articles ($150/month): Make 4 articles at $37.50 each.
  • 8 Articles ($250/month): Make 8 articles at $31.25 each.
If you don’t use all your articles in one month, you can use them for up to six more months.

Money-Back and Other Services

  • They’ll give your money back in 30 days if you’re not happy.
  • For $2,000 a month, they’ll do all the work for you, including 20 articles.

Special Deal

  • If you sign up through my link, you’ll get to make 20% more articles.

Pros and Cons of Using Content at Scale

content at scale review

Let’s talk about what’s good and bad when you use Content at Scale.

Good Points

  • Make Many Articles: You can write lots of articles quickly.
  • Great Quality: The articles are really good.
  • Long Stories: It can write long articles for you easily.
  • Seems Human: The articles look like a person wrote them.
  • Originality Check: It makes sure your work isn’t copied, and it’s free.
  • Helps with Google: Gives you tips to make your article show up in Google.
  • Suggests Words: Tells you which words to use to help people find your article.
  • User-Friendly: The editor is easy and has helpful features.
  • Works with WordPress: You can post articles straight to your WordPress site.
  • Money Saver: It’s cheaper than hiring someone.

Not So Good Points

  • Only Writes Long: It can’t write short things like ads or social posts.
  • No Keyword Help: It won’t suggest focus words for your article.

Why I Like Content at Scale

Content at Scale is a really good tool if you need lots of great articles fast. I like how quickly it writes long, high-quality articles. Plus, it makes them look like a person wrote them.

If you’re worried about your articles being copied, this tool checks for you for free.

What You Can Do with Content at Scale’s Editor

The editor is really easy to use—just like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can make your text look how you want, and it even helps you come up with tweets. Plus, it’s super easy to put your articles on your WordPress site.

Need a picture for your article? The tool has free ones you can use, so you don’t have to search around for one.

You can also upload a lot of focus words at once. This is great if you’re writing about specific topics for your online business.

Remember, these tools are helpers, not replacements. Your own voice and opinions are still important in your articles.

What’s Not So Great About Content at Scale

content scale ai

The tool is still new and pretty good, but it’s missing a few things.

For one, you have to find your own focus words. This tool doesn’t help you look for them, so you’ll need to use another tool for that.

If you’re hoping it’s going to be just like other SEO tools, you might be a little let down. It doesn’t give your articles a score for SEO, and it’s not great at giving you tips for making your article better for Google.

But it does show you some useful stuff, like how many words you’ve written, how many headings you have, and what other articles it looked at to write yours.

What You Should Know from This Content at Scale Review

AI is changing how we write. If you have a website, you can make more articles faster. But if you write articles for a living, you might have to rethink how much you charge.

In this review, I showed how Content at Scale lets you make lots of articles that are original and won’t get caught by systems looking for machine-written stuff. This helps make your website more trustworthy on certain topics.

You can also use this tool to quickly write guest articles for other websites, saving you the cost of hiring someone.

Remember, this is just a tool. Use it the right way, and it could help your business grow.

Interested in more AI writing tools? Check out my list of the best free ones.

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