Lex.page Review – An AI Writing Helper

Lex.Page is a new writing tool that’s like having Google Docs but with added AI help. It lets you write better and more easily.

Have you ever wanted someone to help you when writing gets tough? That’s what Lex does.

The Every team made Lex, and it uses some cool AI technology. It’s like a new kind of writing software. Lex helps you write things like essays or stories, especially when you’re stuck. Plus, it’s free!

Lex can also make text shorter or add to what you’re writing. It knows a lot from data up to 2021.

Compared to other tools like Jasper, Lex is easier to use. It’s simple to start writing with it.

If you’re searching for a good writing tool, try Lex. People really like it – it even got nominated for an award on ProductHunt. In August 2023, they got $2.75 million from a company called True Ventures to make it even better.

In short, Lex is a writing software that has AI. It gives you writing tips and gets to know you the more you use it. This means Lex can help you in a way that feels right for you. Cool, right?

How Lex.Page Helps You Write

What is lex ai writing

Imagine Lex as a simple Google Docs but with a special feature: it has AI help. It has usual writing buttons like bold and italic. The cool part? The AI works in the background.

With Lex, if you type “+++”, it can finish your sentence for you. For example, if you start with “The best social media platforms are +++”, Lex will suggest names like Facebook and Twitter.

Now, Lex isn’t perfect for very long writings. But for short stuff like blog posts, it’s great. It’s good for when you’re stuck or need ideas.

Remember, while Lex is helpful, it doesn’t replace real writers. So, no need to let go of any writing staff you might have!

How to Talk with Lex

When you chat in Ask Lex, you can start with these topics:

  1. Ask for thoughts on what you wrote.
  2. Share your idea for an article.
  3. Make your starting lines better.
  4. Check if your points are strong.
  5. Get help if you’re stuck writing.

Why is Lex Special?

Lex.page pricing

Many AI writing tools are out there, but Lex is simple and helpful. Here’s why:

Cool Features in Lex You can pick an AI type in Lex, like GPT-3 or GPT-4. There’s a new “creativity” button too. Push it up for fun and different sentences. Push it down for easy and clear words. It’s good for when you want to keep things simple.

‘Ask Lex’ Feature

Ever get tired of opening many tabs while writing on your computer? Lex has a solution. It’s called ‘Ask Lex’.

Let’s say you’re writing about the internet and wonder when the first website started. Just type that question into ‘Ask Lex’. It’ll give you an answer without you having to search elsewhere. It’s easy to use, quick, and really works well!

Working with Lex

Stuck in your writing? Lex can help. Just highlight a part, add a comment, and Lex will give ideas.

There’s a button in Lex, looking like an eye, called “show AI hidden text”. It lets you see what you wrote versus what Lex added.

This is handy if you take a break and come back to your work later. You can easily see what Lex changed or added to your writing.

Lex’s Helpful Bar

Lex added a new tool called the command bar. To use it, press command+k on a Mac or control+k on Windows. A menu will show up, and you can do things like change headings, make lists, or add code. It’s like Lex is the easy laptop version of AI writing tools. It’s simple for everyone to use.

Lex Gives Writing Tips

If you want advice on your article, type it in Lex and ask using the command bar. Lex will tell you how you did, like how it sounds and if it makes sense.

Making Headings with Lex is Simple

In Lex, if you want a heading, hit enter and use the # sign. Use “#” for a big title. Use “##” for a medium one. Use “###” for a small one. After that, write your heading and keep going!

Comments in Lex

Lex lets you add notes to your writing, just like in Google Docs. This way, you or others can give feedback. Got a long piece with many comments? Use the arrow keys to jump between them easily. It’s a useful tool!

Saving Your Work in Lex

In Lex, you can save different copies of your writing. This is good if you change something and want to go back later.

For example:

  • Made a list? Save it. If you change it and don’t like it, you can go back to the saved list.
  • Showed your writing to a friend? Save that copy. If you change things after their advice and don’t like it, use the saved copy.

Organizing and Tracking with Lex

You can put your writings in different folders in Lex to stay organized. There’s also a new thing called streaks. It shows how many days you’ve written in a row, kind of like a writing diary. It’s a fun way to see how often you’re writing.

Is Lex for You?

If you like writing, you should try Lex. It can help you write better. They’ll start asking for payment in the future, but you can test it now for free. While Lex.page is a good writing assistant just don‘t forget that if you use this AI rewriter to avoid detection your content is very likely to be detected, because this tool is built using CHAT GPT API so always paraphrase with Netus AI and stay under the radar guys!

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