Review: A Writter For Students

Jenni AI, an AI tool made to help students write better and faster. Think of it as merging the best of human writing with the speed of a computer.

Everyone’s talking about AI in the tech world. If you’ve missed out, maybe it’s time for a little online update.

So, why is Jenni special? Because it’s made for students. It’s like having a smart friend help with your writing, whether it’s for an essay, research, or reports.

To sum it up, Jenni uses the power of AI to help you write. And it does it really well.

What is

jennie ai for free

Jenni is a smart tool to help you write things faster, from school papers to blogs. It uses a mix of different tech tricks to give you the best content.

David Park and Henry Mao made Jenni in 2016. It took some time and extra money from a kind investor to get it going. Then, in 2020, David relaunched Jenni, and with some cool new features and attention from TikTok, more people started using it.

From having 160,000 users in 2022, Jenni grew to 1.6 million users now. It’s growing fast, and you can follow the journey on David’s Twitter.

Can Turnitin Detect Jenni AI?

jenni ai examples

Yes, it’s GPT Based so it will be detected by all AI detectors, that’s why we created Netus AI anti ai detector for every single AI detector out there. Just past what Jenni ai generates into the bypass section of the tool and that’s it your undetectable.

Main Things Does

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  1. Helps Finish Your Sentences: If you’re stuck, Jenni can finish your sentences for you. If you press the right arrow, she’ll add more words.
  2. Checks for Copying: After you write 250 words, Jenni can check to make sure you didn’t accidentally copy someone else’s work from the internet.
  3. Tells You Where Facts Come From: If Jenni adds any facts, she’ll tell you where they came from.
  4. Changes Text: If you want to say something differently, Jenni can help reword it.

Some Extra Cool Stuff:

  • Library: You can save your PDFs in Jenni.
  • Chat About PDFs: You can chat with Jenni about what’s in a PDF you upload.
  • Help with Citing: If you upload a PDF, Jenni can help you give credit to it.

Why is Jenni Special?

jenni ai review

Other AI tools just give you big chunks of writing based on what you ask. Jenni is different. She works with you more closely and learns from you. She’ll also remind you to write yourself if you use her help too much. The cool thing about Jenni is that she helps you line by line and makes sure you’re involved. Also, she always tells you where she gets her facts, which not all tools do.

Who Can Use

Anyone who writes a lot will like Jenni. For instance:

Students: Think of Jenni as a helpful classmate. Got a big essay? Jenni can help you finish it faster. Stuck on ideas? Jenni can give you some. And if you’re bad at grammar or picking the right words, don’t worry. Jenni’s got your back. Your essays will look better, and you’ll get better grades. Just click the right arrow for help.

Who Else Might Like

  1. People Learning English If English isn’t your main language, Jenni can help. She makes it easier to write in English, especially for students in English schools. With Jenni, you can fit right in.
  2. Bloggers & Online Writers If you write online, Jenni can speed things up. She won’t do all the work, but she’ll give you a boost. Sometimes, a little help from Jenni is all you need to get started.

How to Start with

Jenni is like a basic version of Google Docs but with some smart help. It’s kind of like Lex, but better and for different people. Just sign up, go to the place where you write, and begin typing. Easy!

With Jenni, you do most of the writing. It’s different from tools like Jasper where the tool does more. Just type about your topic. If you need a hand, Jenni can give you a sentence idea. You’ll see her ideas highlighted, and if you like it, press the right arrow. If not, just hit CMD+J to try another idea.

AI can make mistakes. So, even if Jenni sounds sure, she might be wrong. If she doesn’t know a real fact, she might just guess.

The more you use it, the better she gets at sounding like you. You can add words, titles, lists, and pictures – either from a collection or your own.

Jenni AI Alternative

jenni ai alternative tools

Jenni vs. ChatGPT Even though both use the same AI type, Jenni and ChatGPT feel different. Jenni has more features, but ChatGPT writes a bit better. Remember, Jenni’s for helping with homework, not cheating on tests.

Does Jenni Copy or Sound Like a Robot? Jenni can check if it’s copying, but that’s in the paid version. For a free check, try Grammarly. To see if your work sounds like a robot wrote it, use Originality.

I tested Jenni with Originality, and the more you make it sound like you, the less it seems like a robot or copied work. Mixing your style with Jenni seems to work best!

How Much Is Jenni? Jenni has two plans. The premium one is $20 a month for unlimited writing. If you pay for a year, it’s only $12 each month.

Good and Bad Stuff About Jenni Jenni has its ups and downs:

Good Stuff:

  • Easy to use
  • Free version available
  • Helps when you’re stuck
  • Fast replies

Not-so-Good Stuff:

  • Can’t check copying on free version
  • Only 200 words a day for free
  • ChatGPT might write better
  • No tool to tell if it sounds like a robot

Is Jenni AI Safe?

Some people noticed odd things. Like, Jenni uses fake photos for feedback. That’s strange for a big tool. The boss says feedback is real but changed for safety. Still, feels weird.

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