Copyleaks Inc Partners with Canvas LMS: AI-driven Plagiarism Detection Solution

Ashley Merit

Ashley Merit

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Copyleaks Inc Partners with Canvas LMS. Copyleaks has recently announced its partnership with Canvas LMS, a learning management platform from Instructure. This collaboration allows educational institutions to integrate advanced plagiarism detection software directly into their Canvas accounts. Consequently, thousands of K-12 schools and universities worldwide, which are part of the Canvas community, can easily access Copyleaks.

The plagiarism detection solution offered by Copyleaks is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It helps educators and learners by:

With the increasing shift toward e-learning environments, many schools have been emphasizing the importance of academic integrity. Therefore, teachers are taking extra precautions to ensure that students’ work is original.

Copyleaks’ integration with Canvas LMS enables educators to quickly create assignments and check students’ work for possible plagiarism or missing references within a secure environment. The plagiarism detection platform has the ability to search for content on billions of web pages, websites, and online databases. It is equipped to provide thorough results in more than 100 languages.

Furthermore, the AI-powered solution by Copyleaks offers an AI-based grading tool for large volumes of essays and extends its capabilities to detect copied source code through its Codeleaks tool. The platform is a valuable resource for educational institutes of all sizes, including private and public K-12 schools, universities, and other academic institutions.

To mark the first month as a Canvas partner, Copyleaks hosted a webinar titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Plagiarism.” The event, led by Shouvik Paul, Chief Revenue Officer of Copyleaks, emphasized the innovative approach implemented by the company in countering plagiarism.

In conclusion, the partnership between Copyleaks and Canvas LMS strengthens the fight against plagiarism and cheating in the educational sphere by offering advanced AI and machine learning-based tools within the e-learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Copyleaks integrated with Canvas LMS to detect plagiarism?

Copyleaks has partnered with Canvas LMS, allowing educational institutions to easily enable plagiarism detection software within their Canvas accounts. This integration offers a seamless experience for users.

What advantages does AI and machine learning offer in plagiarism detection?

Using AI and machine learning in plagiarism detection allows Copyleaks to uncover paraphrased content and other cheating methods often missed by traditional online tools. This advanced technology improves accuracy and effectiveness for plagiarism detection.

Can Copyleaks’ plagiarism checker be accessed by Canvas LMS users directly?

Yes, with the integration of Copyleaks and Canvas LMS, users can access the Copyleaks plagiarism detection software within their Canvas accounts, providing a convenient and efficient way to check for plagiarism.

How does the accuracy of Copyleaks’ AI-based plagiarism detection compare to other tools?

Copyleaks utilizes AI and machine learning to detect plagiarism more accurately than many traditional online tools, particularly when it comes to uncovering paraphrased content or other subtle methods of cheating that may be overlooked by other systems.

What support does Copyleaks provide for users within the Canvas LMS environment?

Copyleaks offers continued support for users in the Canvas LMS environment, ensuring smooth integration and satisfactory user experience. Detailed information on the integration and usage of Copyleaks within Canvas LMS can be found in the Instructure Community.

Are there extra costs for Canvas LMS users who want to use the Copyleaks plagiarism detection service?

While specifics regarding additional costs have not been provided in the public search results, it’s important to consult with your educational institution or Canvas LMS administrator for any fees or costs that may be associated with using the Copyleaks service within the Canvas LMS environment.

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